Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Turkey - Obama - Qatar : A New Axis Of Evil!

Caroline Glick wrote a tremendous article Obama to The Rescue ... Of Hamas" in today's JPost, revealing Obama's collusion with Turkey and Qatar for Hamas and against Israel. It's a good thing Sisi hates the brotherhood (Hamas) because it is helping Israel to continue the battle. Turkey and Qatar are the main countries supplying Hamas, beside Iran.

Caroline wrote:

"As Israel’s Calcalist newspaper reported earlier this week, Qatar is Hamas’s biggest and most important financier, a role it plays as well for ISIS, al Nusra, the Muslim Brotherhood and various jihadist groups in Libya."

"... Qatar, the tiny natural gas superpower presents itself to Americans as their greatest ally in the Muslim world. The emirate gives hundreds of millions of dollars to US universities to open campuses in Doha and pretends it is a progressive, open society, replete with debating societies. Qatar hosts three major US military bases on its territory. And it is becoming one of the most important clients for US military contractors. Earlier this year Qatar signed an $11.4 billion dollar arms agreement with the US."

"At the same time, according to the Calacalist report, Qatar is the major bankroller of ISIS and al Nusra in Syria and Iraq. It gives $50 million a month to jihadists in Libya. It gives Hamas $100m. in annual aid. And in the past two years Doha has provided Hamas with an additional $620m. dollars, including $250m. it transferred to Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal’s personal bank account, and $350m. in military aid to Hamas, transferred after the Egyptian military forced the Muslim Brotherhood government from power last July. Add to that the $100m. per year that Qatar pours into Al Jazeera’s satellite network – which has dedicated itself to undermining pro-Western Arab regimes while popularizing the likes of al-Qaida and Hamas, and Qatar is the largest financier of international jihad in the world."

We have a new axis of terror.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Insane 10 Year Cease Fire Truce


"The terrorists want all crossings into Gaza opened, and an international airport to be opened in Gaza. The Rafah crossing is to be opened up to international traffic, under UN supervision, with international observers along the borders.

"Other conditions in the alleged proposal include the withdrawal of IDF tanks from areas they entered in Operation Protective Edge; a complete removal of the blockade on Gaza; an international sea port; no more flights by Israeli aircraft over Palestinian-controlled territory and expansion of the fishing zone to 10 km from the shoreline.

"In addition, the terrorists demand that Israel release the terrorist prisoners who were freed in the Shalit deal and re-arrested in Operation Brother's Keeper following the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teens. As part of the search for the teens and their killers, IDF forces arrested hundreds of Hamas terrorists, including dozens who were released as part of the prisoner swap to free captive IDF soldier Gilad Shalit in 2011, but who broke the terms of their release, which included not being involved in terrorist activity.

"Other conditions leveled by the terrorist groups include that Israel be obliged not to interfere with the activity of the "Palestinian unity government", and that industrial zones along the border will be rebuilt and renovated. " Unconfirmed

These rapacious blood sucking evil ones, even sent a warning to Israelis:

Again, we warn you - if your government 
does not agree to all of our conditions, 
then all of Israel will legally remain 
open to our weapons fire. 

Izz - Eddine al-Qassam Brigades

Israel cannot do this. What a boosha! BUT IF THIS BRINGS MOSHIACH ... BRING IT ON!

DEBKA REPORTS:   Kerry and Ban in truce bid to save Hamas from defeat.

Three rival groups are in a tug-o’-war over a ceasefire initiative for the Gaza conflict: The US and UN are pulling one way; Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the other; and Qatar, Turkey, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, are trying to manipulate the others.

Monday night, July 21, US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon arrived in Cairo to press their case with Egyptian President Abdel-Fatteh El-Sisi: Kerry’s directive was outlined by President Barack Obama a few hours earlier, “to focus on bringing about a ceasefire than ends the fighting and can stop the death of innocent civilians.”

Ban came from Doha, Qatar, as part of a whistle stop tour of Kuwait City, Jerusalem, Cairo, Ramallah and Amman. Upon landing in Cairo, he told reporters: “The violence must stop, it must stop now. I urge all parties to stop violence unconditionally and return to dialogue."

Reported to be pushing for a long-term ceasefire, the UN Secretary went on to comment that it was impossible to go back to the situation that caused the conflict. He ruled out the “status quo ante” for the Gaza Strip as untenable.

*This was an indirect vote of support for Hamas’s terms for a ceasefire, such as ending the blockade on the Gaza Strip and reopening all the crossings.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ishmaelites Outdo the Nazis

"People don't imagine what a cruel enemy we're up against. The holy Klausenberger Rebbe of saintly and blessed memory, remarked, "The Nazis killed my wife and my eleven children. I suffered from them in ways that defy description. Yet, the Ishmaelites outdo the Nazis when it comes to cruelty. I shudder to think what will be." Holy eyes see far. Today, with the war in Gaza, we begin to understand what the Klausenberger Rebbe was talking about.  - LazerBeans

WHAT A JOKE, But Not The Kind You Laugh At!

The Sultan had a roundup of "It's Another Death To The Jews Weekend"

While rockets are still flying into Israel. View home video of rockets flying toward Ashkelon

While the IDF is valiantly eradicating Hamas terrorist tunnels in Aza, also or here

While Moonie is whistlestopping all over the Middle East to garner a global response

While John Kerry is flying to Cairo hoping to make a "pinpoint operation" on the Israelis


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sounds Like a Leader

“We must stand together, united,” ... “We must be strong in difficult days like this, and in the days that may yet come. 

PM Binyamin Netanyahu

Binyamin* Area Without Power

Part of he Binyamin* Area is Without Power
Hamas has posted a video showing how they hacked down an electric tower ... Leaving many in the dark.

Why doesn't Israel stop supplying them with electricity!
Why are we still sending them food and water ?
Isn't this aiding and abetting the enemy?

First offer the moderate citizens to relocate; provide them a monetary incentive and airfare to anywhere they choose.

Now is the time to stop providing Gaza with electricity / food / water.
Now is the time to stop this craziness.
The Israel IDF has to destroy the Hamas terror network.
Why not bombard the entire Gaza border area with explosives to reveal and destroy all tunnels that open into Israel, if that will do it.

Why cannot we starve Hamas into submission.

UPDATE: *Talmon/Dolev area of West Binyamin.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Thank you David Gleicher, in a letter to today's Jlem Post,
"...In order to remain under ground, Hamas [terrorists] need electricity and fuel, otherwise they would be forced above ground ...."

The papers are full of wordy articles expounding the tactical wisdom of Netanyahu, or to the contrary, the ineptitude of the current decision makers, in dealing with our being under attack once again in a never-ending campaign by these terrorist to rid the middle east of Jews.

Anti-semitism is becoming rampant all over the world, Belgium, France, Germany, in the US in California, New York and many, many other countries.

Our soldiers are entering Aza. With David's one cogent sentence, we have a tactic that could save many soldiers' lives as they walk the minefields of Gaza. This brilliant tactic stands strong against the myriad of columns of advice we witness every day online and inprint.

The Geulah message is, like a Harvester collecting the grain from His fields into the center for processing:  Jews come home to Eretz Yisrael where your neshomas and mitzvos are needed for the upcoming big Geulah harvest. But do the Jews in far flung areas of the globe see the handwriting on the wall or understand this? The message is not getting through. Their leaders are also entrenched in foreign ideologies. The Golus is so difficult to separate from. So the gathering continues, propelled by the Hand of HaShem.

The crack in the dyke of leadership was started by Naftali Bennett, and now widened by Danny Danon, and some say Moshe Feiglin is waiting to jump into action. Again, it is obvious that there needs to be a sea change in the decision-making direction of the leaders of Israel. 

Will this next change be the one to do it? To bring Moshiach finally? We have been told Moshiach is very close and waiting to reveal himself to us. 

Are we ready?